BUDMANI, Petar (Pero). Dubrovnik 27.10.1835 — Castelferretti near Ancona 27.12.1914. Croatian Slavic Linguist. Son of sea captain Vlad B. and Ana-Marija Stula. Studied Sanskrit and several other subjects at Vienna University in the 1860s. In 1868-82 Professor at Dubrovnik Gymnasium. Active in Serb Catholic Movement there. Stayed also much in Italy, where he had a house near Ancona. In 1883 he moved to Zagreb, where he worked 24 years, till 1904, as the redactor of the great Serbo-Croatian dictionary. In 1907 retired to Italy. He made the first direct translations from Sanskrit to Croatian.

Publications: A Serbo-Croatian grammar in Italian. Vienna 1866-67; a Russian grammar.

Translated from Sanskrit: Pet priporjedaka. Dubrovnik 1865 (5 tales from the Pañcatantra); “Sakuntala. Indijska drama. Spjevao Kalidas”, Slovinac 1879.

Edited vols. 2-6 of the Serbo-Croatian dictionary published by JAZU, Zagreb 1883-1904; edited Croatian texts of the renaissance period.

Sources: Vyncke 1973, 532; *Enciklopedija Jugoslavije 2. Zagreb 1956, 252f., id. 2. Z. 1982, 531 (with photo and further references); Wikipedia with photo.