SELIGMAN, Brenda Zara (née Salaman). London 26.6.1883 — Kensington 2.1.1965. British Anthropologist. Daughter of Myer and Sarah Salaman, studied pre-medical biology at Bedford College in London. Married 1907 —> Charles Gabriel S., with whom she then collaborated, but also became known as independent scholar. In 1907-08 they were in Ceylon studying Veddas, then 1909-12 and 1921-22in Sudan. Together with her husband she acquired large collection of Asian art which she continued after his death. As a woman she had access to rituals, etc. closed to male anthropologists.

Publications: “Notes on recent work among the Vẹddás”, JRAS-CB 21:61, 1908, 73-84; “Vedda Songs”, Man in India 23, 1943, 38f.

– With C. G. Seligmann: The Veddas. 19+463 p. 71 ill. Cambridge 1911; article “Veddas” in E.R.E..

Much on New Guinea, Africa, etc., often together with her husband.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.