BURLINGAME, Eugene Watson. Albany, N.Y. 5.8.1876 — 3.8.1932. U.S. Indologist (Pāli Scholar). Son of Eugene B. and Emma Patten Watson. Educated at Yale (B.A. 1898) and University of Penn­sylvania (M.A. 1902, Ph.D. 1910). Then studies of Sanskrit at Harvard 1909-10 (under Lanman) and at Johns Hopkins 1914-16 (Bloomfield). In 1902-07 and 1910-13 taught classical languages. In 1908-11 Fellow of University of Pennsylvania, 1914-16 of Johns Hopkins. In 1917-32 he was Lecturer in Pāli (and Sanskrit?) at Yale. Unmarried.

Publications: diss. on the Dhammapada Commentary, publ. in Proc. Am. Acad. of Arts & Sc. 45, 1910, 467-550.

– “The Act of truth (saccakiriya): a Hindu Spell and its Employments as a Psychic Motif in Hindu Fiction”, JRAS 1917, 429-467; “Buddhist-Zoroastrian legend of seven marvels”, Fs. Bloomfield 1920, 105-116; articles on OIA and Pāli, e.g. in AJPh 39, 1918, 299-305 & 41, 1920, 69-75; JAOS 38, 1918, 267ff.

Buddhaghosa: Buddhist Legends. Transl. from the original Pāli text of the Dhammapada Commentary. 1-3. H.O.S. 28-30. Cambridge, Mass. 1921.

Transl. Buddhist Parables. 398 p. New Haven 1922 (220 parables from various Pāli sources); The Grateful Elephant And Other Stories. 35+172 p. New Haven 1923.

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