STOTHERT, Richard. 10.12.1833 — 11.10.1898. Rev. British Missionary in India. Studies at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities (M.A.). After brief service as chaplain in Bermuda ordained priest in 1860 and left for Bombay. In 1876-84 Principal of Wilson College in Bombay. Married Catherine Ewing, one daughter.

Publications: “The Dialectic of the Nyáya Darśana”, JBRAS 9, 1872, 209-218.

Sabbath Mornings with the Bombay Mission. 1880.

Transl. with A. H. Newman: “Augustine, The Anti-Manichæan Writings”, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. Edinburgh 1887,

Sources: J. G. Cunningham, The Free Church of Scotland Monthly Jan. 1899, 17 (in,%20RICHARD(;.