VANDEN BERGHE, Louis. Oostnieuwkerke, West Flanders 24.12.1923 — Ghent 17.9.1993. Belgian Archaeologist and Iranian Scholar. Born in a Flemish family, educated at Roeselare College. Studies of archaeology and art history, then also Oriental languages at Ghent, Brussels, Amsterdam and Leiden. Ph.D. 1950 Ghent. From 1951 Assistant and 1957 Professor of Near Eastern Art and Archeology at Ghent (ord. 1965). Also taught at Brussels. Retired in 1989. Conducted surveys and excavations in Iran (details in Haerinck).

Publications: Diss. on painted pottery in Mesopotamia, Iran, and Pakistan until c. 2000 BCE, 1950 (in Dutch), partly publ. in Gentse Bijdragen tot de Kunstgeschiedenis 14-16, 1953-56.

Numerous articles (often in Iranica Antiqua which he founded with Ghirshman in 1961) and books on Iran, e.g. L’Archéologie de l’Iran ancien. Leiden, 1959, 2nd ed. 1966.

– With B. de Wulf & E. Haerinck: Bibliographie analytique de l’archéologie de l’Irán ancien. 25+329 p. Leiden 1979.

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