CAREY, Eustace. Paulerspury, Northamptonshire 22.3.1791 — London 19.7.1855. British Missionary in India. Son of Thomas C., nephew of —> William C. Educated at Bristol College, arrived at Serampur as a missionary in 1814, founded a missionary establishment in Calcutta in 1817, and left India 1825 because of failing health. “Urged the cause of missions in England.” Twice married, children with both.

Publications: Wrote about missions and a Memoir of William Carey, with notice on Carey’s Oriental Work by H. H. Wilson. 422 p. L. 1836.

Sources: D.N.B. 9, 1887, 65; Buckland, Dictionary;; *Eustace Carey, the Missionary in India, a memoir by Mrs. Eustace Carey [Esther Carey]. 567 p. L. 1857.