CLARK, Edward Winter. Northeast, Dutchess County, NY 25.2.1830 — (St. Augustine, Florida 13.5.1913 or rather) Duchess County, NY 24.6.1913. U.S. Missionary and Tibeto-Burman (Naga) Scholar. Son of Perry Clark and Caroline Winchell. Educated at Worcester Academy. Graduated from Brown University 1857, attended Newton Theological Institution and Rochester Theological Seminary. Ordained as priest in 1859. Had a pastorate in Logansport, Indiana, and edited The Witness in Indianapolis. Missionary of American Baptist Missionary Union in Assam from 1869 to 1911. First in Sibsagar, where he was in charge of the mission press. He was the first missionary to penetrate the Naga Territory: 1876-98 in Molkung, 1898-1911 in Impur. Created the Ao Naga literary language. Married with Mary (Jane) Read Clark (1832–1924; wrote A Corner in India. N.Y. 1907).

Publications: Translated parts of the Bible and compiled textbooks in Ao Naga.

Ao Naga Dictionary. 977 p. Calcutta 1911.

Sources: U.S. in Asia; Wikipedia with small photo (apparently this has been changed between 2017 and 2020, which explains two different accounts of death).