CHAPMAN, Francis Robert Henry. Sholapur, Maharashtra 22.10.1858 — 13.3.1942. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Ingram Francis Ch. Finally Major in Bombay Staff Corps. In retirement apparently lived in Camberley, Surrey. Married 1890 Margaret Ritchie, children.

Publications: English–Hindūstānī Pocket Vocabulary (Containing 1500 Useful Words in Classified Lists). Yorktown 1904, 2nd ed. containing 2200 words. 126 p. L. 1907 (romanized).

How to learn Hindūstānī, a Guide to the Lower and Higher Standard Examinations. In six parts. 356 p. L. 1905, 2nd ed. 1910; Urdū Reader for Beginners. London & Calcutta & Simla & Bombay [1905], 2nd ed. Urdū Reader for Military Students. L. 1910.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, gives family details.