CONOLLY, Edward Barry. London? 1808 — Kohat, Afghanistan ?.10.1840. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Valentine C. (1763–1809), formerly surgeon in India, and Matilda Dunkin (1781–1819). From 1824 served in Bengal Cavalry. Lieutenant, then Captain. Died (shot) when in command of the escort of British envoy in Kabul. His elder brother, Arthur C. (1807–1842?) was also officer in India and died in Bukhara. In 1829-30 he returned from a sick leave via Russia, Iran and Central Asia and published as account as A Journey to Northern India (1-2. L. 1834). Also a third brother, John Balfour C. was officer and killed in Afghanistan in 1842.

Publications: “Observations upon the past and present condition of Oujein or Ujjayini”, JASB 6, 1837, 813-856.

Posthumous articles: “Note of Discoveries of Gems from Kandahar”, JASB 9, 1840, 97-99; “Sketch of the Physical Geography of Seistan”, JASB 9, 1840, 710-726, 1 map; “Notes on the Eusofzye tribes of Afghanistan”, JASB 9, 1840, 924-937; “Journal kept while Travelling in Seistan”, JASB 10, 1841, 319-340.

Sources:; D.N.B. 12 and *Oxford D.N.B. under his brother, Arthur C.