DANGERFIELD, Frederick. 25.8.1789 — Indore 6.12.1828. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Thomas D. and Mary Anne Laridge. Entered Bombay Army in 1804. Captain 1820. Until 1823 carried geological survey of the Himalaya, then Deputy Opium Agent in Malwa, where he apparently had also been earlier. Married, at least one daughter.

Publications: “Some account of the caves near Baug called the Panch Pandoo”, TrLitSocBombay 2, 1820, 206-216, 3 pl., also in Philosophical Magazine 56, 1820, 108-115 (Bagh caves).

Also wrote on geology.

Sources: V.N. Mandlik, Preface to the 1877 reprint of TrLitSocBombay 1, p. xii; birth and parents in O.S. Crofton, List of Inscriptions on tombs or monuments in Rajputana and Central India. Delhi 1934, 90.