FERGUSON, William. Urquhart and Logie Weste 18.7.1820 — Colombo 31.7.1887. British (Scottish) Civil Servant and Botanist in Sri Lanka. Son of John F. and Ann Mackerras, brother of A.M.F. Joined C.C.S. in 1839. Beside botany he was also interested in herpetology and entomology. Married 1852 Robina Innes, two daughters and two sons.

Publications: Seven books on Sri Lankan plants and one on reptiles.

– “Scripture Botany of Ceylon”, JRAS-CB 3:11, 1858-59, 316-345 (on useful plants also mentioned in the Bible); “On the Supposed Origin of Tamana Nuwara, where Wijayo landed in Ceylon, B.C. 543, and hence Taprobane, as the Classical Name for Ceylon”, JRAS-CB 6:2, 1880, 35-37.

Botanical and other articles in The Ceylon Observer and the Tropical Agriculturist

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