ČUPR, František. Chrast, district Chrudim 11.4.1821 — Prague 28.6.1882. Czech Philosopher and Educator. Studies at Prague, Ph.D. 1845. In 1848-53 taught at Altstädter akad. Gymnasium, in 1853 opened a private Czech Gymnasium and became its principal. From 1849 also PD für Logik und wissen­schaftliche Enzyklopädie, taught often in Czech. In 1861-66 member of Böhm. Landtag. A Herbartian philosopher and a pioneer of education in Czech language.

Publications: Wrote on philosophy and pedagogics in Czech and German; compiled Latin–Czech and Greek–Czech dictionaries; translated the Bhagavadgītā, Dhammapada and some further philosophical material in Czech in his book Učení staroindické. 1-2:1-2. 337+12+372+356 p. Prague 1876-78 (in 2:2 also Laozi and Avestan texts).

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