GOL’DBERG, Nikolaj Maksimovič. Moscow 23.4.1891 — Moscow 29.10.1961. Russian Historian of Modern India. Born in a merchant family. Studies at Heidelberg in 1910-12, in 1913-16 at agricultural academy, 1916-18 in army. In 1919-25 in various offices of the Soviet administration (mainly Komintern) in Turkestan, 1926-27 correspondent of TASS in Ankara. From 1927 worked in Komintern in Moscow. From 1938 worked in Historical Institute of Soviet Academy, in 1941-43 in Uzbekistan, from 1943 until death research scholar at Oriental Intitute of the Academy. Kand. ist. nauk 1941.

Publications: With A. M. Osipov & V. A. Aleksandrov: Afanasij Nikitin i ego vremja. 189 p. 1951.

Rabindranat Tagor. 361 p. M. 1961.

Očerki po istorii Indii: nacional’no-osvoboditel’noe dviženie v novoe vremja. 187 p. M. 1965.

Sources: NAA 1962:1, 222f.; library.ruslan.cc (in Russian); not in Miliband.