DEVOTO, Giacomo. Genua 19.7.1897 — Florence 25.12.1974. Italian Linguist (Italic and IE). Educated in Milano, from 1915 studied at Pavia. In 1916 to army, returned to the university in 1919. 1920 Ph.D. Then further studies at Berlin 1920-21 (under Schulze, Lüders and Pokorny), at Basel 1923 (Wackernagel) and at Paris 1923-24 (Meillet). From 1924 taught IE linguistics at Florence. From 1927 eo. Professor of comparative grammar of classical and Romance languages at Cagliari, from 1928 at Florence. From 1930 ord. Professor of comparative history of classical languages at Padua, from 1939 ord. Professor of general linguistics at Florence. In 1967 Rector of the University and emeritus. Dr.h.c. Basel, Strasbourg, Cracow, and Lima. In his studies he mainly concentrated on ancient Italic lan­guages, especially Osco-Umbrian, also in Latin, Italian and in IE. After the war he was also engaged in communal politics and was in 1945-50 President of the Florence Chamber of Commerce.

Publications: Gli antichi Italici. 1931; Tabulae Iguvinae. 1937; Storia della lingua di Roma. 1939; I fondamenti della storia linguistica. 1950; Il linguaggio d’Italia. 409 p. Milano 1974; Lezioni di sintassi prestrutturale. 1974.

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with G. Giacomelli: I dialetti delle regioni d’Italia. Firenze 1972.

Scritii minori. 1-2. Firenze 1958-67.

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