IRVINE, Francis. Drumoak, Aberdeenshire 8.2.1786 — Edinburgh 16.12.1855. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer in India. Son of Alexander I. and Jean Forbes, mother died soon after his birth. Joined army as cadet in 1804 and left for India. Served in Bengal Native Infantry, resigned as Captain in 1824. Already 1820 moved to Sydney with his family and lived there until 1828. Then in Edinburgh. Married 1815 Frances Sophia Harington (1795–1870), the daughter of —> J. H. Harington and an Indian lady, two daughters and two sons. He had scholarly ambitions, but achieved very little. The article is based on a Romani vocabulary of 138 words, taken during the voyage to India from the Romani colleague John Lee.

Publications: “On the Similitude between the Gipsy and Hindostanee Languages”, Tr. of Lit. Soc. of Bombay 1, 1819, 53-66.

Sources: Wikitree with full account of his life.