İNSEL, Hüseyin Avni. Varna, Bulgaria 1915 — 13.8.1969. Turkish Translator and Publisher. After school in Varna moved with the family to Turkey in 1926 and went to high school in Istanbul. Graduated 1935 and began his career translating Gidé in 1936. Studies at Sorbonne, but had to return ungraduated because of the Nazi occupation. In 1942 founded his own publishing house in Istanbul. He concentrated on erotic literature, which led him to court in 1948. Died of heart attack. Married 1944 Hayrunnisa Altay, at least one son.

Publications: Translated into Turkish: Kalidaça: Sakuntala. 214 p. 1942; other translations unrelated to India (32 books), apparently all from French originals or translations (possibly some from Bulgarian).

Sources: Devrim Ulaş Arslan, Translation, Obscenity and Censorship in Turkey: Avni İnsel as a Translator and Patron of Popular Erotic Literature. M.A. diss. İzmir 2016 read 2020 in