DIEZ, Ernst. Lölling 27.7.1878 — Vienna 8.7.1962. Austrian Art Historian. Studies in Vienna under Strzygowski. Ph.D. 1903 with diss. on late classic / early Christian art. Worked in museums in Vienna and Berlin. In 1912-14 travelled in the Near East, Iran, India, and Egypt. From 1926 in the U.S.A., in 1930-31 travelled in China, Japan, India, and Java. After a brief time in the U.S.A. (Cleveland), from 1932 the first Director of Institute of Art History in Istanbul, in 1944-46 interned in Kırşehir. Then held in prison, because he hac postulated Armenian influence in Turkish art. In 1950 returned to Vienna.

Publications: much on Islamic and Byzantine art, e.g. Die Kunst der islamischen Völker. 1915.

with O. von Niedermayer: Afghanistan. 16+70 p. 246 pl. Lp. 1924.

Die Kunst Indiens. 193 p. 13 pl. Wildpark-Potsdam 1926.

So sahen sie Asien. Reiseberichte von Herodot bis Moltke. 480 p. B. – Wien – Lp. 1942.

works on Islamic art.

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