JUNGMANN, Antonín Jan (Anton Johann Ritter von Jungmann). Hudlice, Bohemia 19.5.1775 — Prague 10.4.1854. Czech Physician interested in Sanskrit. After school in Prague he was briefly member of the Unity of Brethren, but then began medical studies at Prague in 1800. Dr.med. 1805. From 1808 Professor of Medicine (obstetrics, ord. 1811)) at Prague, taught both in German and Czech. Retired 1850, now also knighted. He became interested in Sanskrit and tried to learn it from Bopp’s Nala. He collaborated with his brother Josef J. (1773–1847), who was a poet, linguist and one of the central figures of Czech national revival.

Publications: Medical books.

– “O sanskritu”, Krok 1, 1821, 65-81; “O Hindích”, Krok 1:2, 1821, 35-47; “Výtah gramatiky z Nala, k libému srovnání s vlasteneckou řečí”, Krok 1:4, 1823, 75-103; “Člověkosloví aneb antropologie”, Krok 2:2, 1831, 266-312, 2:3, 393-419, 2:4, 521-553.

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