KEPHALLENOS, Andreas N. (Ανδρέας Ν. Κεφαλληνός).Corfu 1856 — 19??. Greek. After school in Corfu, studies at Florence and Munich (now also Sanskrit). Ph.D. Munich. Then worked in the administration and politics in Corfu. In 1910 M.P. for Corfu. In his translations he used Dimotiki, which was then still rather exceptional.
Publications: Diss. Αἱ ἑλληνίδες ἑταῖραι ἐν τῴ ἰνδικῴ δράματι. Athens 1887 (‘Greek hetaeras in Indian dramas’, apparently also published in German).
– Translated extracts from Mahābhārata; also translated Macpherson, etc.
Sources: K.A. O’Donnell, “Corfiots and the Poems of Ossian by James Macpherson in the Nineteenth Century Greek-Speaking World“, in