LEDRUS, Michel. Gossellies, Wallonia 21.12.1899 — Rome 20.8.1983. S.J. Father. Belgian Theologian interested in Indian Thought. B.Litt. Ph.D. D.D. Taught at Louvain (1931) and at Università Gregoriana in Rome (1932-33). From 1949 spiritual director of Collegio Internazionale S. J. “Roberto Bellarmino” in Rome.
Publications: “L’apostolat bengali”, 24 p. Xaveriana 1924; “Figures indiennes: Açoka le Pieux (IIIe siècle avant J.-C.)”, 40 p. Xaveriana 1927.
– L’Inde Profonde. Toukaram. 39 p. Louvain 1933.
– A few reviews; Christian and theological writings.
Sources: Stray notes in Internet.