EATON, Adoniram Judson. Granville Centre, co. Annapolis, Nova Scotia 16.10.1850 — Knowlton, Quebec 1.8.1929. Canadian Indologist and Classical Scholar. Son of Thomas Woodworth E. and Mary Ann Withers. Studies at Acadia University (B.A. 1873, M.A. 1877), Harvard (B.A. 1876) and Yale. In 1877-79 Headmaster of Amherst Academy, Mass., then Principal of Woonsocket High School in Providence, R.I.  Ph.D. 1884 Marburg (Renou, according to Janert at Leipzig). Back in Canada he became a teacher of Latin, from 1886 Associate Professor of Classics at McGill University. Married 1879 Adelia Woodman (1850–1926), two daughters and two sons.

Publications: Diss. The Âtmanepada in Ṛig-Veda. 44 p. Leipzig 1884.

Latin prose exercises based upon Livy, book XXI. 4+64 p. Boston & L. 1892.

Sources: Two works in the N.U.C.;; (confirms Leipzig for Ph.D.).