METZ, Johann Friedrich. Lustnau (Tübingen) 1819 — Tübingen 1886. Rev. German Missionary in India. Served Basel Missionary Society in Mangalore. From 1847 among Todas, at least 24 years there. He is said to have been arrogant towards his hearers and he never had any converts. Also a lay botanist.

Publications: “A Vocabulary of the Dialect spoken by the Todas of the Nilagiri mountains”, MJLS 17 (N.S. 1), 1856-57, 103-108, 131-146 & 18 (2), 1857, 1-24; “A Vocabulary of the Dialect spoken by the Kotas on the Nilagiri Hills”, MJLS 20 (4), 1858-59, 1-46.

– The Tribes Inhabiting the Neilgherry Hills; their Social Customs and Religious Rites. 124 p. Madras 1856 (anonymous), 2nd enl. ed. 154 p. Mangalore 1864.

Sources: M.-C. Mahias, “The Black Sun of the Nilgiris. Astronomy, Photography and Physical Anthropology in South India”, Visual Anthropology 13, 2000, 129-148; A.R. Walker, “The Western Romance with the Toda”, Sociological Bulletin 40, 1991, 21-46 (Metz on p. 24f.).