OEHLER, Gustav Friedrich. Ebingen, Württemberg 10.6.1812 — Tübingen 19.2.1872. German Lutheran Theologian and Oriental Scholar. Son of a modest teacher, Georg Friedrich Oehler, and Johanna Gastpar (d. c. 1821). Educated in Ebingen and Blaubeuren, from 1829 studied theology and Oriental languages at Tübingen, learned Sanskrit from Kapff. In 1834-37 teacher of theology at Missionshaus in Basel. Ph.D. 1837 Tübingen. One year further studies at Berlin (also Sanskrit from Bopp). As PD taught Sanskrit in 1838 at Tübingen (Rabault-Feuerham 2008). In 1840-45 Professor at seminary and minister of Schönthal, 1845-52 in Breslau, then Director of Seminary and Professor of Old Testament Theology at Tübingen University. Married 1840 Luise Steudel, several children.

Publications: Theological works and articles, often about the Old Testament.

Sources: J. Knapp, G.Fr.Oe. Ein Lebensbild. Tübingen 1876; Th. Schott, A.D.B. 24, 1887, 181-185; Wikipedia with photo.