PHILIPPUS A SANCTISSIMA TRINITATE (Philippe de la Très Sainte-Trinité, lay Julien Esprit). Malaucène near Avignon 1603 — Naples 28.2.1671. French Discalced Carmelite Theologian and Missionary. Joined the order in Lyon, 1621, studied in Paris and Rome for missionary career. In 1629 left for Palestine and proceeded then via Persia to Goa, where he worked in 1631-39 as prior of the order convent teaching philosophy and theology. In 1639 he came to Rome to propagate for the beatification of a martyr colleague (realized only in 1900). After another visit to the Near East he held important offices in France and was in 1665-71 Superior General of the Order.

Publications: Itinerarium orientale. 431 p. Lugduni 1649, also in Italian and French.

– Philosophical and theological works.

Sources: Wikipedia (as Philip of the Blessed Trinity).