ROSENMÜLLER, Ernst Friedrich Karl. Heßberg bei Hildburghausen 10.12.1768 — Leipzig 17.9.1835. German Arabist and Protestant Theologian. Son of Johann Georg R., a minister and rationalist theologian. Studies at Leipzig.  PD 1792, in 1796-1813 ao. Pr. of Arabic, 1813-35 ord. Professor of Oriental Languages at Leipzig. Also gave a “Kolleg über indische Studien” in 1829-35 (Rabault-Feuerham 2008).

Publications: Much on Arabic and on the Bible, often large surveys of earlier work.

– De versione Pentateuchi Persica commentatio. Lipsiae 1813.

– ???, English transl. by N. Morren as The Biblical Geography of Central Asia. 1-2. Edinburgh 1836-37 (beginning with the location of the Garden of Eden).

Sources: *C. Siegfried, A.D.B. 29, 1889, 215-217; Wikipedia.