RUBINO, Giovanni AntonioStrambino (Turin) 1.3.1578 — Mount Unzen (Nagasaki), Japan 16.3.1643. S.J. Italian Missionary in India. Novice 1596, studies in Milano. Sailed from Lisbon in 1602. Ordained priest 1605 in Goa. Worked in Jesuit academies in Goa, Madras (1613-17), Cochin (1617-19, 1627-37), Colombo (1619-23), and Tuticorin (1623-27), teaching mathematics, soon also theology. In 1605-10 missionary in Chandragiri and 1610-13 in Vellore, in Vijayanagar. In 1638 to Macao, in 1642 he went with seven colleagues to Japan, where they were immediately imprisoned and finally tortured to death.

Publications: Relazione d’alchune cose principali del regno di Bisnagà. Written 1608, manuscript.

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