SELL, Edward. Wantage, Berkshire 24.1.1839 — Bangalore 15.2.1932. Rev. British Missionary in India. Son of William John Sell. Educated at Church Missionary College in Islington, London. Ordained deacon 1862, priest 1867. In 1865-81 Principal of Harris High School for Muslims in Madras, 1880-1905 Secretary of Church Missionary Society in Madras. From 1889 Hon. Canon at St George’s Cathedral, Madras. Officially retired from C.M.S. 1923. In 1874 Fellow of Madras University, 1907 hon. D.D. Edinburgh. Married Jane Pinder, at least one son.

Publications: Muntakhabāt-e Urdū. Hindustani Selections. 1-3. Madras 1870-71; Khulāṣatu’l-qawānīn. An Elementary Grammar. 42 p. Madras 1874, new edd. 1878, 1879; Jāmi‘u’l-qawānīn. Madras 1877, 5th ed. Madras 1887.

– The Faith of Islam. 270 p. L. 1880; several further books about Islam, also wrote on the Bible, etc., altogether about 50 books (listed in Wikipedia).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary;Wikipedia.