GAIT, Edward Albert. 16.8.1863 — 14.3.1950. British Civil Servant and Assamese Scholar in India. Educated at University College, London. Entered I.C.S. in 1882. Became 1893 Director of Land Records in Assam, 1895 Secretary to Chief Commissioner of Assam, 1897 Magistrate and Collector in Bengal, 1903 Census Commissioner for India, 1905 Financial Secretary and Member of Legislative Council of Bengal, 1905 Commissioner of Chota Nagpur, 1907 Chief Secretary to Government of Bengal, 1909 Census Commissioner for India. In 1912-15 Member of Executive Council of Bihar and Orissa, in 1922-27 Member of Council of India. In retirement lived in Ealing. Married in 1897 Christian Maud Stephen, one daughter. C.I.E. 1907, C.S.I. 1912, K.C.S.I. 1915. Hon. Ph.D. 1918 Patna.

Publications: A History of Assam. Report on the Census of Assam. 1891; A History of Assam. Calcutta 1906, 2nd ed. 20+388 p. Calcutta 1926; Report of the progress of historical research in Assam. 75 p. Shillong 1897; Report on the Census of Bengal. 1901; administrational works on Assam.

coauthor: Report on the Census of India. 1901; Report on the Census of India. 1911.

on Assamese and Ahom coins, JASB 64, 1894, on Assamese history, JASB 62, 1893 & 63, 1894 & 64, 1894.

Sources: Who Was Who 1941-50; Wikipedia.