GARRETT, Herbert Leonard Offley. Cambridge 16.6.1881 — Cambridge 6.12.1941. British Historian of India. Son of Dr. George Mursell G. (1834–1897), an organist and composer, and Maria Green. Educated at Charterhouse and St.John’s College, Cambridge, graduated 1902. He entered Colonial Educational Service, taught 1904-12 at Queen’s College, Hong Kong. Then Professor of History and, after military duty, from 1919 Vice-Principal of the Government College in Lahore, 1927 its Principal. Also Commanding Officer of the University Training Corps, a Syndic of the Punjab University and Keeper of the Government Records. Retired 1936 with C.I.E. Last years in Cambridge, in university administration. Married with Sybil Beverly Young (1883–1968), two daughters.

Publications: A history of Government College, Lahore, 1864-1914. 149 p. Lahore 1915.

A First History of India. 197 p. Bombay 1916.

Ed. J. D. Cunningham’s A History of the Sikhs from the origin of the nation to the battles of the Sutlej. L. 1918, repr. 49+402 p. Delhi 1990.

With G. A. Wathen: A History of India, for Use in Schools. 420 p. 1922.

With S.M. Edwardes: Mughal Rule in India. 8+374 p. L. 1930.

A History of India. 2. The Mohammadan period. L. 1931.

The trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, ex. king of Delhi. 282 p. Lahore 1933.

Translated The Punjab a hundred years ago as Described by V. Jacquemont (1831) and A. Soltykoff (1842). 131 p. 1935; Events at the Court of Ranjit Singh, 1810-1817. 288 p. 1935 (documents).

Articles, etc.

Sources: R.B.W., The Eagle 52, 1943, 200f.; stray notes on books in Internet, wife in myheritage.