GEHMAN, Henry Snyder. Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa. 1.6.1888 — Princeton, NJ 13.5.1981. Rev. U.S. Classical scholar, Semitist and Sanskritist. Professor in Princeton. Son of Christian Eberly G. and Amanda Minerva Snyder, a family with Mennonite background. Educated at Franklin and Marshall College (1909 A.B., 1911 A.M.). In 1905-06 taught at public school in Lancaster County, 1909-10 principal of Paradise High School in Leaman Place. In 1910-14 fellow at University of Pennsylvania, 1913 Ph.D. there in IE studies. In 1913-14 Assistant of Latin there, 1914 teacher of Greek and Latin at Hill School, Pa. In 1915-29 teacher of modern languages (German and Spanish) at South Philadelphia High School for Boys, in 1920-21 also Assistant of Sanskrit at University of Pennsylvania. Further studies in 1921-26 at Dropsie College, 1922 in Chicago Divinity School. 1926 Bachelor of Sacred Theology. at Divinity School of Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, 1927 S.T.D. ibid. In 1929-35 Instructor in Semitic Languages at Princeton, from 1935 Lecturer of the same. In 1930-31 instructor in New Testament Greek at Princeton Theological Seminary, in 1931-34 acting Professor of Old Testament and 1934-58 Professor of O.T., in 1942-58 also chairman of Department of Biblical Literature, ibid. In 1958 emeritus. Also a Presbyterian minister. Married 1917 Bertha Lausch (1892–1985), one son and one daughter.

During his early years Gehman was much interested in Sanskrit, later he concentrated on Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, Armenian, etc. Died at the advanced age of 92.

Publications: “Adhi √brū and adhi √vac in the Veda”, JAOS 36, 1917, 213-225; “Ādisati, anvādisati, anudisati and uddisati in the Peta-vatthu”, JAOS 43, 1923, 410-421.

Translated: the Petavatthu as “Stories of the Departed” in Minor Anthologies. 4. S.B.B. 30. L. 1942, 2nd ed. 14+110 p. 1974.

Much on Biblical philology, etc.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942 and 8th ed. 3, 1982; Who Was Who in Am. 8; New York Times 16.5.1981;