SWYNNERTON, Charles. Douglas, Middle, Isle of Man 27.11.1843 — Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire 16.11.1928. Rev. British Missionary and Folklorist in India. Son of Charles Swynnerton and Mary Callister. Government Chaplain, long time stationed on the North-West Frontier. Married Maud Massy, one son.

Publications: “On a Celt of the Palaeolithic Type, found at Thandiani, Punjab, September 10th, 1880”, ProcASB 1880, 175; Note on a Specimen of Yusafzai Sculpture, ProcASB 1880, 196; “On some rude stone implements from Back Bay, Middle Colaba, Bombay”, JBRAS 3, 1893, 189-197.

– The Afghan War: Gough’s action at Futtehabad. 4+81 p. 4 pl. L. 1880.

– “Folktales from the Upper Punjab”, JASB 52:1, 1883, 81-96.

– Translated: The Adventures of the Panjáb Hero Rájá Rasálu, and other folk-tales of the Panjáb. 19+250 p. Calcutta 1884; Indian Nights’ Entertainment or, Folk-tales from the Upper Indus. 22+380 p. L. 1892; Romantic tales from the Panjab, collected and edited from various sources. 46+483 p. Westminster 1903.

– A few further works.

Sources: findagrave.com with photo; stray notes in Internet.