GEMELLI CARRERI, Giovanni Francesco. Radicena, Terranova 1651 — Naples 1725. Italian Physician and Traveller. Studies in a Jesuit college in Naples. Dr.iuris. Worked as magistrate in Naples and travelled in Europe. In 1693 started a voyage round the world, during which he visited India in 1695. The voyage started from Naples, went via Egypt–Constantinople–Trebizond–Esfahan to India, where he visited the military camp of Aurangzeb meeting himself the old emperor and giving in his journal an apt analysis of the political situation. The voyage went on via China and Philippines to Mexico and back to Europe.

Publications: Journal, Giro del mondo, published in 6 vols. 1699-1700, English transl. Voyage round the World, publ. in the 18th century in Astley’s collection vol. 3 and in Churchill’s vol. 4.

Sources: Oaten 1909, 232-237; Wikipedia with portrait (see also the Italian version).