TADDEI, Maurizio. Rome 3.3.1936 — Rome 5.2.2000. Italian Art Historian and Archaeologist of South Asia. Professor in Naples. Studies at La Sapienza in Rome, graduated 1961 Under Bussagli). In 1964-74 worked in Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale (Rome), in 1967-77 Director of Italian Missione archeologica in Pakistan. From 1968 Professor incaricato at I.U.O.N. in Naples, from 1976 ord. Professor of Indian archaeology and art history. He also taught at IsMEO / IsIAO and lived in Rome. Active member of the European Association of South Asian Archaeology. A further interest was the history of Asian studies.

Publications: Numerous articles on Gandharan art, archaeology, and related subjects in AION, E&W, SAA, etc.

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