GIUSEPPE MARIA DA GARGNANO (Iosephus Maria a Gargnano; lay Bernardino Bernini). Gargnano near Brescia (then Venetian Republic) 2.9.1709 (hardly 1711) — Bettia 15.1.1761. Count. Italian Missionary in Tibet. Son of Count Giuseppe De Bernini and Giovanna De’ Bettoni, partly grew up in Vienna. Joined the Capuchin order in 1726. After studies in Rome ordained as priest and joined in 1838 the Tibet Mission of his order. Worked in Patna (1739-42), Lhasa (1742-45), Chandernagore (1746-50) and Bettia (Bihar). He became vice-prefect of the Tibet Mission around the middle of the 18th century.

Publications: wrote much on religion in Hindi.

edited by Cassiano da Macerata: Memoria istoriche delle virtù, viaggi e fatiche del p. Giuseppe Maria Bernini da Garghano. Verona 1767.

– “Description of Nepal”, As. Res. 2, 1790.

A Dialogue between a Christian and a Hindu about Religion. Study, translation and edition by D. N. Lorenzen. Mexico (Written in Italian and Hindustani c. 1851, assisted by Cassiano da Macerata and an unnamed Indian, preserved in mss.)

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