GODINHO, Manuel. Montalvão 1630 (1632?) — Loures 1712. S.J. Portuguese Priest and Missionary in India. Novice of the S.J. 1645 in Coimbra, joined the Indian mission. Also carried diplomatic missions. In December 1662 left for Portugal by land, visited Persia, Mesopotamia and Syria, and arrived in Cascais in October 1663. Quitted S.J. and became a secular priest.

Publications: Relaçao do novo caminho que fêz por terra e mar da Índia para Portugal no ano de 1663. 1665, 2nd ed. 1842; English: Intrepid itinerant. Manuel Godinho and his journey from India to Portugal in 1663. Edited with an introd. and notes by J. Correia-Afonso. Transl. of the Portuguese text by V. Lobo and J. Correia-Afonso. 253 p. Bombay 1990.

religious works.

Sources: Grande Enciclop. Portug. e Brasileira 12.