WILBERFORCE-BELL, Harold. 1885 — Portington, East Riding, Yorkshire 1956. Sir. British Colonial Officer in India. Lieutenant-Colonel. Son of elder H.W.-B. and Lucy Wilson. Joined Indian army in 1905, in 1910-40 in Indian Political Service, finally as Resident for the Punjab States 1934-39, then retired. K.C.I.E. 1938. Married 1912 Margaret Vera Festing, no children.

Also his father was H.W.-B. (1849–1927) and served as officer in India, but as Kathiawad book in 1916 was published by Captain H.W.-B. it hardly is by the father. Captain H.W.-B. was also the author of the Marathi books.

Publications: Some Translations from the Marathi Poets. 4+209 p. Bombay 1913.

– A Grammatical Treatise of the Marathi Language. 2+94 p. Bombay 1914.

– The history of Kathiawad from the earliest times. 19+312 p. L. 1916.

– Articles on history, especially military history (often not Indian)

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.