GORÉ, Francois Louis Noël. Saint-James (Coutances) 25.12.1883 — Voiron 14.10.1954. French Missionary. Joined Franciscan order and attended the semanry of Missions étrangères, then studies theology at Penang College, ordained there priest 1907. Served in various stations of the Tibet Mission, in 1931-52 at Tsechung (now Cizhong (now in Tibetan Autonomic Region). Expelled from China came to Switzerland and taught Tibetan in Lausanne, then retired to Voreppe (Isère). Died of cancer. He was fluent in Tibetan and Chinese.

Publications: “Notes sur les marches tibétaines du Sseu-tch’ouan et du Yun-nan”, BEFEO 23, 1923, 319-398.

Résumé de grammaire indigène tibétaine. 209 p. Tsechung 1934.

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