ZIMIN, Aleksandr Semënovič. Krasnoe Selo near St. Petersburg 11.(23.)8.1880 — Leningrad early 1942. Russian Indologist. Born in a peasant family, educated in St.Petersburg. After military medical school worked in 1897-1908 in hospitals of St.Petersburg and in Sestroreck nearby, but also passed high school studies. In 1909 left the army and began university studies at Physico-Mathematical faculty in St.Petersburg. From 1914 again in military medical service. From 1920 again studies, now under Ščerbatskoj, Tubjanskij and Barannikov. Docent at Leningrad Enukidze Oriental Institute (1934). From 1937 worked at Institute of Oriental Studies in Leningrad, teaching Bengali and preparing a Bengali-Russian Dictionary. Died during the siege of Leningrad. Among his students were E. M. Bykova and V. A. Novikova.

Publications: With D. A. Datt: Bengal’skij jazyk. Načal’nyj kurs. Leningrad 1936 (steklografija).

Sources: Information kindly offered by Ja.V, Vasil’kov and A.A. Vigasin (2018); G.A. Zograf in http://www.orientalstudies.ru/rus/index.php?option=com_personalities&Itemid=74&person=751 with photo; not in Miliband.