GRANT, James. 1750 — near Esher, Surrey 22.10.1808. British (Scottish) Civil Servant in India. Cousin of —> Charles Grant. Came to India as private adventurer (1772 already there), from 1778 writer in E.I.C.’s service. Served in Bengal in 1784-89 “selected by the Government to superintend the native management of revenues; found himself obliged to expose the abuses connected with the whole system of native agency. Appointed Chief Sarishtadar, or general superintendent of native revenue accounts under the Board of Revenue, 1786.” Retired, then living in Buckinghamshire, then in Hertfordshire. His son, Major-General James Grant, served in Indian army.

According to Buckland, his book “gives the best account of the native revenue system”.

Publications: An Inquiry into the Nature of Zemindary Tenures in the Landed Property of Bengal. 101 p. L. 1791.

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