GROSLIER, Bernard Philippe. Phnom Penh 10.5.1926 — Paris 29.5.1986. French Archaeologist and Historian of South-East Asia. A specialist of Cambodia, but also wrote on Gandhara art (1951). Son of George Gr. (the founder and first curator of the Museum of Phnom Penh). Born in Phnom Penh, sent to school to Clermont-Ferrand, participated in WW II. Studies in Paris (Sorbonne, Institut d’Ethnologie, É.L.O.V., Ecole de Louvre), specializing in Khmer and history. After a while in Saigon, in 1952 started working in Angkor (from 1959 at É.F.E.O.), where he was the last European curator, remained there until 1973, then in Thailand. In 1976-78 directeur du Centre de recherches archéologiques du C.N.R.S. in Paris.

BPhG was a many-sided archaeologist and famous of his skill in conservation of monuments. He conducted excavations in Cambodia, India (in the 1950s), Greece, and France. Also interested in Sanskrit and Khmer epigraphy.

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