ANDERSEN, Dines. Ullerslev, Fyn 26.12.1861 — Copenhagen 28.3.1940. Danish Indologist (Pāli Scholar). Son of mill builder Dines A. (1833–1861) and Christine Poulsen (1833–1914), lost his father before his birth. Supported by patrons, he attended the Latin School in Odense in 1877-81. Studied from 1881 at Copenhagen Classical and Scandinavian philology, German and Balto-Slavic linguistics (under Verner), comparative linguistics (Thomsen), Sanskrit and Pāli (Fausbøll). Cand.mag. 1887, Ph.D. 1892 Copenhagen. From 1891 employed at the University Library, where he was able to study Trenckner’s papers. He also assisted Fausbøll in the Jātaka edition, and thus moved from Sanskrit into Pāli. From 1901 Docent, soon Professor of indisk-østerlandsk filologi in Copenhagen in 1903-27, then retired. Among his students were H. Smith and P. Tuxen. Married 1892 with Jakobine Emilie Sørensen Bergh.

After early works Andersen confined himself to critical work with Pāli texts in order to achieve a solid textual base for further comparative work. His Pāli Reader was often based on manuscripts and its glossary was an important preliminary of his later lexicographical work, the C.P.D., started by him on the basis of Trenckner’s enormous collection of lexical cards. The first initiative to this he had made as early as 1912. In retirement he continued the work on Pāli lexicography (C.P.D.) in collaboration with H. Smith and E. Olesen. In his last years failing health restricted his working powers. He never travelled outside Europe.

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Founded and edited: The Critical Pāli Dictionary. 1:1–1:10, 1924–1940.

A few articles, e.g. “Miscellanea Pālica”, Fs. Lanman 1929, 31-33.

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