HAMILTON, Clarence Herbert. Des Moines, Iowa 8.1.1886 — Lexington, MA 6.7.1986, when 100. U.S. Buddhist Scholar. Missionary-Professor in China 1914-27. Son of George Lee H. and Carrie Eva Wood. Educated at University of Chicago: A.B. 1910, Ph.D. 1914. In 1920-21 studied at Union Theological Seminar in New York. In 1914-27 Professor of Philosophy and Head of Department in Nanjing. Back in the U.S.A. in 1928-31 Professor of Eastern Philosophy at Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Seminar Foundation, and in 1931-52 Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion at Graduate School of Theology, Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio). In 1952 emeritus, then visiting lecturer in several colleges. In 1963-64 Visiting Professor at Tunghai University in Taiwan. Married 1916 Lulu Snyder, two sons and two daughters.

Publications: Diss. 1914 publ. A Psychological Interpretation of Mysticism. 85 p. Chicago 1916.

Buddhism in India, Ceylon, China and Japan. 107 p. Chicago 1931.

Wei Shih Er Shih Lun, or the Treatise in Twenty Stanzas on Representation-only. A translation from the Chinese version by Hsüan Tsang of a Buddhist philosophical work by Vasubandhu. 82 p. New Haven 1938 (on Vijñaptimātratasiddhi).

Edited: Buddhism. A Religion of Infinite Compassion. 28+189 p. N.Y. 1952.

Articles, e.g. “K‘uei Chi’s Commentary on Wei-shih-er-shih-lun”, JAOS 53, 1933, 144-151; “Buddhism Resurgent”, Journal of Religion 17, 1937, 30-36.

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