HARDING, Herbert Oliver Denman. 18?? — Tiruccirappalli 22.2.1916. British Civil Servant in India. Served in I.C.S. in South India for nearly 30 years, e.g. in Cuddapah (1901), South Kanara (1902) and Nilgiris (1911-13). In 1913-16 District Judge in Tiruccirappalli. Married Sophia Louise Cox, their only son died in WW I 1915. Murdered by a convict for the judgement he delivered.

Publications: “Note on some old graves in the Coimbatore district”, MJLS 1889-94, 13-20 (megaliths).

Sources: Newspapers in Internet: The Hindu 23.2.2014; India 25.2.1916.