HART, Eric George. Mangalore 6.2.1878 — 8.10.1946. British Officer in India. Professor in Dublin. Son of Henry H., M.B.E. Educated at Victoria College in Jersey and at Wellington College. Joined the army, in 1906 Indian Army. In 1900-01 served in China, 1901-02 in Makran, 1904 in Aden, 1911-13 in Persia, 1919 in Afghanistan and NW Frontier. Lieutenant-Colonel 1923. Retired from army in 1924. In 1926-38 Professor of Arabic, Persian and Hindustani and Reader of Indian History at Dublin University. Married 1909 Audrey Davis, divorced, one daughter, 1942 Lilian Webb.

Publications: Gandhi and the Indian Problem. 155 p. L. 1931.

Sources: Who Was Who 1941–50.