INGALLS, Daniel Henry Holmes. New York 4.5.1916 — Hot Springs, Va 17.7.1999. U.S. Indologist. Professor in Cambridge MA. Grew up in New York. Studies under W. E. Clark at Harvard: A.B. 1936, A.M. 1938. From 1938 Junior Fellow at Harvard preparig his Ph.D. During the war served as officer at Office of Strategic Services in South Asia. After the war returned to Harvard: 1949-54 Assistant Professor, 1954-58 Associate Professor, 1958-83 Wales Professor of Sanskrit and chairman of Sanskrit and Indian Studies Department. In retirement moved to Hot Springs, Virginia, where his family owned a hotel. Married with Joanne, two daughters and a son.

DHHI started as a specialist of the difficult Nyāya philosophy, then proceeded lyrical anthologies and alaṅkāra. Tried to understand Indian literature on its own, free of Western canons. Among his many (more than 50) students were W. Doniger, D. Eck, Ph. Granoff, M. Hara, J. S. Hawley, J. M. Masson, B. K. Matilal, I. V. Peterson, D. Pingree, K. H. Potter, S. Pollock, R. Thurman and G. Tubb. In 1951-83 editor of the H.O.S.

Publications: Materials for the Study of Navya-Nyāya Logic. 181 p. H.O.S. 40. Cambridge, Mass. 1951.

– “A Sanskrit Poetry of Village and Field: Yogeśvara and his Fellow Poets”, JAOS 74, 1954, 119-131; “Human Efforts versus God’s Effort in the Early Nyāya (NS. 4.1.19-21)”, S. K. Belvalkar Vol. 1957, 228-235; “Cynics and Pāśupatas: The seeking of dishonor”, Harvard Theological Review 55, 1962, 281-298; further articles and reviews in JAOS, Philosophy East & West etc.

translated: An anthology of Sanskrit court poetry. Vidyākara’s Subhāṣitaratnakośa. 621 p. H.O.S. 44. Cambridge, Mass. 1965; abridged edition: Sanskrit Poetry from Vidyākara’s “Treasury”. 10+346 p. Cambridge, Mass. 1968.

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edited: The Dhvanyāloka of Ānandavardhana with the Locana of Abhinanagupta. 688 p. 1988.

with others: The Dhvanyāloka of Ānandavardhana with the locana of Abhinavagupta. Translated by D. H. H. I., J. M. Masson and M. V. Patwardhan. 837 p. H.O.S. 49. Cambridge, Mass. 1990.

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