JACKSON, Arthur Mason Tippett. 1866 — Nasik 2?.9.1909. British Colonial Servant and Historian in India. M.A. Oxford. Served in the I.C.S. as District Collector in Bombay Presidency. Murdered. Bound by his official duties he wrote very little, but his scholarship was much lauded by his contemporaries. In vain he planned to devote his retirement to research. He was a historian, antiquarian, epigraphist and Sanskrit scholar.

Publications: with others: introductory vol. to Bombay Gazetteer. 1:1. 18??.

– “Notes on the History of the Caste System”, JASB N.S. 3, 1907, 509-515.

– “Method in the Study of Indian Antiquities”, IA 39, 1910.

Folklore Notes. 1. Gujarat. 2. Konkan. Compiled by R. E. Enthoven. 9+159, 4+92+37 p. Bombay 1914-15 (repr. from IA)

a few articles in JRAS and JBRAS.

Sources: R. G. & D. R. Bhandarkar, IA 40, 1911, 1-6; Wikipedia (concentrates on his death).