JACOB, Samuel Swinton. 14.1.1841 — Weybridge 4.11.1917. Sir. British Colonial Officer, Engineer and Architect in India. Son of colonel W. J. of Bombay Artillery and Jane Swinton, educated at Cheam School and Addiscombe. Entered Bombay Artillery in 1858 and Indian Staff Corps 1861. Served in P.W.D., Rajputana, 1862-96. In 1865-66 with Field Force in Aden fighting against Arabs. In 1867 lent to the Jaipur State, served there as Chief Engineer. Colonel 1888. In Rajputana until 1905, retired to England 1911, the assisted Lutyens and Baker in the design of New Delhi. C.I.E. 1890, K.C.I.E. 1902. Married 1874 with Mary Brown.

Publications: Jeypore. Portfolio of Architectural Details. 1-12. 1890-1913.

with Hendley: Jaipur Enamels.

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