ANKER, Peter. Fredrikshald 31.7.1744 — Øraker near Kristiania 17.4.1832. Norwegian Colonial Officer in Danish service in India. Son of trader and industrialist Erik A. (1709–1785) and Anne Cathrine Tank (1723–1761), brother of politician Carsten Tank A. (1747–1824). In 1759-65 travelled with his brother in Europe, then worked for his father. From 1773 consul in Hull, from 1777 general consul in London. Served in India in 1788-1806, as Governor of Tranquebar. Major-general 1788. Retired in 1807 and settled down in 1808 at the estate Øraker near Kristiania in Norway. Unmarried. In 1778 naturalised as Danish nobleman. He made a great number of drawings and aquarelles of Indian life, architecture and nature, the collection is kept in Ethnographic Museum in Oslo.

Publications: En Samling af Mythologiske Antiquer bragte fra Hindustan. Copenhagen 1806.

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