JOHNSTON, Charles. Ballykilbeg, Down County 17.2.1867 — 16.10.1931. Irish Theosophist, Author and Translator of Sanskrit Literature in the U.S.A. Son of a M.P. for Belfast, educated in Derby, England, and at Dublin University. In 1886 joined I.C.S., in 1888-90 served in Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and Allahabad. In 1890 had to resign because of an illness, returned to Europe, travelled there several years in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Austria and France, and in 1896 moved to the U.S.A. Lived in New York, in 1903 naturalized as U.S. citizen. From 1908 Special Lecturer in Political Science at University of Wisconsin. In 1888 married Vera Vladimirovna de Zhelihovsky (1864-1923) the niece of H. P. Blavatsky.

CJ was a professional author, who always kept his early interest in India, especially in Indian philosophy. He was also known as translator of Russian literature. Early friend of W. B. Yeats and G. W. Russell, Theosophist from 1885.

Publications: From the Upanishads. 1896; “Indian belief in pre-natal existence”, Academy March 5, 1892, 233ff.; “Studies in the Vedānta”, Calcutta Review 104, 1897, 277-303; and a few further articles on Indian philosophy.

translated: The Awakening of the Self. 1897 (Ātmabodha); Bhagavad-Gītā. 1908; Patañjali, Yogasūtra. 1912, 2nd ed. 1949; The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom. 1925 (Vivekacūḍāmaṇi)

translated from German: Deussen: The System of the Vedānta. Chicago 1912.

The Memory of Past Births. 1900; Kela Baj. 1900; other books; translations from Russian.

Sources: Who Was Who in America 1; brief note in JAOS 52, 1932, 273f.; Wikipedia (unreliable in details and knows nothing after 1888).