DIVER, William. Chicago 20.7.1921 — Nantucket, MA 31.8.1995. U.S. Linguist. B.A. 1942 Lawrence College. In WW II served in U.S. Navy. M.A. Harvard, in English. Ph.D. Columbia University, in IE Linguistics. From 1965 taughtat Columbia, finally as Professor, emeritus1989. He is known as the founder of the Columbia School of Linguistics.

Publications: “Palatal quality and vocalic length in Indo-European”, Word 15, 1959, 110-122.

– Much on Greek, Latin and general linguistics.

Language, Communication and Human Behavior: The Linguistic Essays of W.D. Edited by A. Huffman & J. Davis. Leiden & Boston 2012.

Sources: *A. Huffman, Word 47, 1996, 379-382?; Wikipedia.